"These Blokes are fantastic!" Here’s great recipe from a band out of Detroit: Take equal parts Celtic rock, funk, punk, add a ballad or two, mix in a few traditionals and whatever else is left over, toss it in a bowl, stir vigorously and what you get is a really tasty upbeat rollickin’ mix of good ‘ol powerhouse Irish stew one can really sink their teeth into. No seasoning needed. These blokes are fantastic!! - SkOt Cranmore on September 13, 2010,Sixty Seven Music” - Skot Cranmore

— Sixty Seven Music

"Celtic Rock at its best!" These are skilled players that offer a good look at the Celtic rock genre when it is at its best. - Celtic MP3's Music Magazine” - Celtic MP3 Music Magazine
"Prepare to be excited!!" Prepare to be excited, to be seduced, to be Kreelled , with one of the hottest bands on the Celtic music circuit. While their sound is unique, their passion for the Irish heritage, the Irish ballad, is as familiar to us as old Ireland itself. - Irish American News 2009 "Wow!"” - Irish American News

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The Kreellers are a high energy Celtic Rock group hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Still steeped in traditional Irish sound, the band’s mix of rock, funk, folk, pop, and even punk elements has created a sound that has won over fans, critics, and even skeptics throughout the North and Midwest and has made them one of the most sought after Celtic acts in the nation.

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